SEO Toolbox license plans





Max number of websites 1 5 10
Commerce support (both on DXC and EPiServer 7+)    

SEO Toolbox platforms

Certified for EPiServer Digital Experience Cloud (DXC)
Suitable for DXC CMS Group    
Suitable for EPiServer 7+ One-Site Solution    
Suitable for EPiServer 6, per website    
Suitable for DXC CMS Corporate    
Suitable for EPiServer 7+ Five-Sites Solution    
Suitable for DXC CMS Enterprise    
Suitable for EPiServer 7+ Unlimited Sites Solution    

SEO Toolbox license files

Number of websites supported 1 5 10
Validity of license file 1 year 1 year 1 year

SEO Toolbox features

Install and forget (works in background)
Automatic redirects (301) when page is renamed or moved
Automatic insertion of hreflang tags
Automatic update of sitemap.xml
Manage duplicate content with canonical URLs
Keep query string during permanent redirects (301)
Define multiple and custom 404 pages (NOT global 404!!!)
Define multiple and custom 410 pages
Import/export URLs from/to XML
Import redirects from Google Search Console
Define redirects with RegEx
CMS gadget for editors

SEO Toolbox commerce support

Automatic redirects to changed catalog articles    
Catalog articles shown in admin menu    

SEO Toolbox support

Open non-holiday weekdays from 08:00 to 17:00 hours
Get answer via e-mail within 24 support hours

SEO Toolbox prices

Price year 1 SEK 30 000 SEK 90 000 SEK 150 000
Price year 2+ (20% of year 1) SEK 6 000 SEK 18 000 SEK 30 000
On request: Installation and adjustments, per hour SEK 1 000 SEK 1 000 SEK 1 000

Request 30 day trial license


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